First problems occurred twenty years ago. For a long time I had no idea it was the allergies, so I was treating it as a cold or the sour throat. Close to 10 years ago, my problems started getting worse and they were extremely apparent during the 8th month. It was horrible! Aside from sniffle, watery nose and coughing, she would lose her voice completely if it was the time of the year when the flowers were blossoming!  I am losing the energy quickly, short breathing, suffocation and lack of strenght for basic physical activity was also apparent!

That is the first time I did the test on allergies. The diagnosis was positive on several weeds and roots. She was using various different capsules from the antihistaminic group, for two years I was being injected with depo of cortico steroids, and last year, doctors gave me the pump in order to sooth the breathing.

This year problems occurred even during the february! I had luck that my father in law was reading local newsletter where he saw more information about the GD-Poly and he gave us a call. I am very skeptical about these things, and I don’t believe that kind of advertisement, but I’ve been using it for 2 months. And I will continiue using it for the third month as well. My hardships eased completely, my watery nose is minimal. Although that is completely insignificant compared to the problems I’ve had for a past year. I stopped using the inhaler and other medications.

Now you can find me outside all the time, without worrying whether  I passing near the flowers or not. A year ago, you would never see me here. I gladly recommend GD-Poly to anyone who has the allergies.

Female, 40 years old

Diagnosis: Allergies from pollen

Until the 40ies I never had problems with allergies. One of the previous years my problem escalated “out of nowhere”. In the april I had allergic reaction in form of constant sneezing and teary eyes. The next year I had problems with breathing. At that point I was diagnosed with allergies to roots, weeds and pollen from the trees. I had treatment to ease my allergic sensitivity, and I had harsh reaction, and my allergies just went from bad, to worse. I also started getting food allergies.

A year later, allergies started appearing at the begging of March, and beside sneezing, coughing and throat itch, redish eyes, I started getting strong suffocations. I was diagnosed with allergic asthma. My therapy was strenghtened with corticosteroids, in addition with the inhaler.

At one of the later years allergies started appearing really early, even during the february. I had to lock myself in the room. I’ve heard about GD-Poly from a friend.

I’ve been using the teraphy and the inhaler until the end of the february, and I survived somehow. And I didn’t want to go to sensitivity treatment again. However I ran out of medications and I’ve decided to try out something new. I started using GD-Poly in March. For next two months I’ve been taking it daily, and during that period I started driving bicycle and play sports. For the first time after 7 years, I’ve enjoyed spring again! This was my blessing!

Female, 47 years from Belgrade

Diagnosis: Allergic Asthma

Because of the allergic reactions on dust, weeds, roots I used to have strong sniffles, throat itch, suffocations and coughing. When I sneeze, I sneeze like twenty times in a row!

I started taking a therapy from my specialist for allergies. Little inhaler and nose spray. Apart from the suffocations that stopped, all the reamining symptoms remained: coughing, frequent sneezing, eye itch and throat itch.

Than I’ve started with GD-Poly. For the first few days I didn’t notice any difference, but after 10 days my sneezing was substantially lower.

After 15 days my eye itch and coughing completely disappeared. I still sneeze a couple of times, but that’s all. All the reamining symptoms disappeared after 25 days. I breathe with much ease since I am taking GD-Poly.

Female, 31 years

Diagnosis: Allergic Asthma

In 2004 I was diagnosed with coxsackie. Until than I was lurking between specialists and regular doctors on and off. They couldn’t find out what was wrong with me. I was constantly nervous, I had chest pain, heart beating, high blood pressure and unindurable joint pain. Doctors said that they can’t help me and they gave me pain drugs, when necessary and recommended resting. And I felt like I was going to die.

For the product GD-Poly I’ve heard on the television and I didn’t believe it was going to help me. But I was so desperate, hence I’ve decided to try anything. After 15 days I felt relief in my joints, and I decided to check my immune system. The analysis were amazing! I moved back to normal from severe.

I felt amazing, I didn’t have chest pains, nor the pain in the joints. My blood pressure was back to normal. I was happy and in a good mood! I’ve stopped using GD-Poly and my symptoms returned! I regret skipping it! 20 days ago, all of my symptoms returned, and I became desperate again. I did blood tests and they confirmed that my immune system is again over the roof. I’ve started taking GD-Poly again and I feel better once again. I am not going to skip using it no matter what!

Female, 37 Years

Diagnosis: Coxsackie virus infection