Liver Recovery

Immuno GD-Poly is recommended for people with liver damage, caused by various different factors (chemical, physical, biological and through various other agents).

Immuno GD-Poly is regenerating the normal functions and helps recovery of the liver cells.

Immuno GD-Poly is additionally enriched with polysaccharides, it speeds up the “cleansing” of the liver from all the toxic materials.

Polysaccharides are affecting the regeneration of the noble cells of the liver, they are supporting the enzymic systems (citohorom p450, superoxyde dismatasys) and reduce activity of the enzymes that are creating fibrous tissue in liver.

This way, polysaccharides from the GD-Poly help liver regeneration, preservation of it’s epidermal tissue and form. It helps it’s complete recovery and prevents further liver damage.

It controls the destruction of cells.
Eliminates and removes the accumulated toxins.
Supports the cleansing from the free radicals.
Money back guarantee is covering only the seasonal allergies: ambrosia allergies, allergic reactions to trees and flowers and allergic sniffle.