How to use

Prevention of Allergies

It prevents the occurance of the allergies and in case of an allergy, it helps remove or sooth the major problems.

Defense against the infection

It prevents the infection and speeds up the recovery, in case of the existing infections (flue, cold, herpes, coxsackie, hepatitis, citomegalovirus, mononucleosis

Liver Regeneration

It keeps the form of the liver and it prevents her further damage.

How to use it:

  • Two times a day, three capsules after the meal along with the glass of mild water.

Side Effects:

  • Uknown

Disclaimer: Before using this product, pregnant and nursing women, children under the age of 12, people who are sensitive to the compounds of the product,  and people who are already ongoing the treatment, we recommend to consult your physician. Dietary supplements can’t be replacement for the traditional medication therapy, they should be used as an addition to your already existing therapy. Dietary supplements aren’t the replacement for the balanced nutrition and healthy lifestyle. Recommended daily dosage should not be exceeded.